Battlefield Hardline

Most recently I worked as a Cinematic Scripter on Battlefield Hardline for the critically acclaimed studio Visceral Games in the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out the footage below to see several scenes that I’ve worked on:


March 2014 – March 2015

• Implemented AAA quality first person and third person in-game and pre-rendered cinematics and scripted them into the flow of the game, including the intro cinematic for the opening of the game.
• Exported mocap animations from Maya and assembled cutscenes and scripted events with AI actors, cameras, vehicles and props using EA’s proprietary next gen Timeline Cinematic Editor in Frostbite engine.
• Collaborated in an interdisciplinary team and with multiple EA studios worldwide on the cinematic process and to streamline, troubleshoot and help integrate new methods and tools into the cinematic pipeline.
• Scripted polished cinematics under a tight deadline exclusively for use in industry trade events and marketing.