Blizzard Entertainment

Currently I’m an Associate Project Director at Blizzard Entertainment’s Cinematic department.


May 2015 – Present

• Director for several Heroes of the Storm trailers from concept to final delivery by collaborating with IGC team members, writers, storyboard artists, editorial and Music/SFX/VO audio departments.
• Create high quality cinematics in visual storytelling for promotion and industry trade events showcasing all of Blizzards past and future IP’s from Warcraft to Overwatch.
• Pre-vis camera composition and shot layout, block-in actors and assemble environment art in Blizzard’s proprietary editor and tools.
• Export cameras and animations from Maya and Max and troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise in the show during the process.
• Collaborate in an interpersonal and creative team along with other Blizzard game teams to attain a vision from concept to final delivery.

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